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Darkroom Booth Hire

Darkroom Booth Hire

We have 4 individual darkroom booths with De Vere 504 Enlargers set up for colour and black/white handprinting. You can print from 35mm, 120 or 4x5 negatives.

Each booth is self-contained and comes fully equipped with a set of lenses and everything else required. All you need to bring is paper and the negatives you want to print from.

If it's your first time using our darkroom we will give you a quick run through of our set-up at the start of your first booking.

Or if you are totally new to darkroom printing we run regular workshops to teach you all the basics.

Location: Intrepid Studios, 11 Chapel Mews, Hove BN3 1AR

What equipment is included?

  • Each booth has a De Vere 504 Enlarger for colour and black/white

  • Full set of lenses for 35mm, 120 and 4x5

  • Also included is: an easel, focus finder, air dust blower & dark bag (to transport paper to processing machines)

  • Communal lightbox and print viewing area with daylight lamp

What you need to bring?

Please bring already processed negatives and your own paper for printing (paper sizes from 5x7 up to 20x24.)

Please note: you can only use resin based paper. Our machines do not accept fibre paper.

Enlarger infomation:

All of the booths have De Vere 504 enlargers designed to make prints from 35mm, 120 and 4x5 film.

Booths 1 and 2 have classic De Vere Dichromat Colour heads. Designed for colour but can be used for black and white too.

Booths 3 and 4 have modern Intrepid LED heads. The control units have programmable colour balance and black/white contrast controls built in.

Print Processing details:

We have Colenta processing machines for both colour and black/white prints. The machines develop and dry prints in around 3 minutes.

Paper sizes from: 5x7 to 20x24 (resign coated paper only.)

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Membership offer

If you use the space regularly, an Intrepid Studios membership will give you 25% off every booking.

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