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Film Developing: Black & White

Film Developing: Black & White

Learn how to expertly develop black and white film by hand in this 1 to 1 workshop. Developing your own film can give you a lot more control over the outcome of your film.

We will show you how to use Paterson developing tanks and ILFORD chemistry. Please bring at least 1 roll of already shot but undeveloped 35mm or 120 film. Or up to 6 sheets of 4x5 sheet film.

Workshop length: 4 hours

Location: Intrepid Studios, 11 Chapel Mews, Hove BN3 1AR

What you need to bring

Please bring undeveloped black and white film. If you are unsure if the film stock you have is suitable drop us a message beforehand.

How much can be developed at once:

35mm: 1-3 rolls
120: 1-2 rolls
4x5: up to 6 sheets

What is provided

All chemistry and equipment for film developing is included.

We will also provide you with gloves and protective gear to protect your clothes from the chemistry (don't worry it's not toxic but it can stain.)

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If you use the space regularly, an Intrepid Studios membership will give you 25% off every booking.

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